The purpose of the study was to determine the factors influencing turnover of medical doctors at the Nyanza provincial general hospital. To achieve the objective of the study, the researcher interviewed respondents from each of the 10 major departments at the Nyanza provincial general hospital in Kisumu county. These included Administration, Outpatient, Inpatient, Ear Nose & Throat, Pharmacy, Dental, Laboratory, Pediatrics, Rehabilitation and Nutrition departments. The collected data in the study was analyzed and interpreted in line with the objective of the study which was to determine the factors influencing turnover of medical doctors at the Nyanza provincial general hospital. The study majorly used primary data which was collected using interview schedules and analyzed through content analysis. Secondary data was also collected through analysis of documents and records on staff turnover statistics at the human resource unit in the Administration department. The factors affecting job turnover were grouped into four main categories namely individual factors, organizational factors, job factors and environmental factors. The study established that the Nyanza provincial general hospital had a turnover of 37.78% of medical doctors and that the factors that contributed to this high turnover were: individual factors such as inexperience of young doctors, place of origin and low conscientiousness, job factors such as heavy workload, poor working conditions, strained relationship with supervisors, poor relationship with coworkers, and unfriendly work schedules; Organizational factors such as lack or insufficient prospects for training and development and environmental factors such as the desire to work in bigger cities such as Nairobi by the doctors. The study therefore recommends that the government should revise the remunerations of the medical doctors in the public sector, undertake efforts to increase the number of the medical workforce at the Nyanza provincial general hospital as well as other public health institutions
across the country, improve the medical infrastructure in both the higher level public hospitals such as the Nyanza provincial general hospital, and the district hospitals and other lower level health institutions such as health centers and dispensaries in order to ease pressure on the Nyanza provincial general hospital. The management of the hospital should set up work relations boards and forums where the medical doctors can openly and fairly air their views about their relationship with their supervisors and other co-workers. The study had several limitations such as; the study was conducted in only one institution and therefore the findings of the study may therefore cannot be generalized as the situation in all the other public health care institutions in the country, and that the study was conducted at one point in time and therefore the findings may not be used to explain the situation at all the time. The study suggests that future researchers should do the same study in other public health care institutions in other areas so as to compare with the findings of this study, the same study should be done in the private sector to establish the level of turnover in the private institutions so as to compare with the findings of this study, future research studies should seek to establish the extent to which the factors leading to job turnover contributed to the turnover by the medical doctors and lastly the study recommends that a longitudinal study be conducted by future researchers to establish the trends of turnover of medical doctors and factors that influence them. This is because this study was done at one point in time but turnover occurs time after time.

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