Much of the previous research into the competitive strategies mechanism has
concentrated generally on developed countries. This study focused on the competitive
strategies applied by Kenyan manufacturing companies as a result of competition and
other environmental factors. This study therefore sought to fill the existing research
gap by carrying out a case study on the competitive strategies applied by Mumias
Sugar Company as result of competition and other environmental factors.
The main purpose of the study was to establish the competitive strategies applied by
Mumias Sugar Company as result of competition and other environmental factors.
This research was conducted through a case study to enable the researcher explore the
matter in depth. Primary data was collected using the interview guide method.
Secondary data was obtained from internal document. Content analysis was used to
extract key themes, concepts and arguments from collected qualitative data.
Study findings indicate that very innovative strategies are applied by the company in
order to sustain sales and market penetration. Supply chain management has been
enhanced for overall efficiency in the company. The study also found out that Mumias
Sugar Company strategy of ensuring that quality management systems are in place is
critical in meeting international quality standards. Mumias Sugar Company corporate
social responsibility strategy is one of the best in the sugar manufacturing industry in
The study further established that most of the respondents were in agreement that the
competitive strategies applied by Mumias Sugar Company as result of competition
and other environmental was comprehensive important measurement and mitigation
method used for various organizations hence much important if effectively
implemented and utilized . This study therefore recommends that in order to avoid
many impediments, the Mumias Sugar Company should make sure that its strategies
are sufficient to enable administration and management prudence and getting them
advice promptly.
The study was limited to Mumias Sugar Company and hence its findings can not be
used to generalize the practice in the entire sugar industry. The study targeted to
interview three senior management staff of Mumias Sugar Company. One of the
interviewees however was not available due to busy office schedules and therefore
data was collected from the two.
As earlier cited, this was a case study and hence cannot be generalized as the industry
practice due to differences in systems, organizational structures and capabilities.
There is therefore need for more study to be done to indentify the strategies being
employed by other players in the sugar industry at large to achieve competitive

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