i) Ladies Get- Together.

  •  Two weeks before the Holy month of Ramadhan, the ladies played host to a get- together with sisters from the other MSAUN chapters. In attendance were KNH, Chiromo, Kikuyu, and Main Campus representatives. Also, sisters from USIU and Strathmore universities graced the event. The chief guest was an Ustadha who counseled the sisters on various topics touching  on their lives in campus and as Muslims in general over a delicious luncheon prepared by our  very own. The 2011-2012 Sisters’ Wing chairlady, Tahira, too was in attendance as an  honorary guest.

ii) The Mahad Girls Institute- Pangani visit.

  •   The last week of June saw the ladies of MSAUN Lower Kabete taking part in a two-day event   held at the Mahad Girls Institute, a girls’ only Islamic high school and a madrasa for high   school graduates. The two day took the form of a panel discussion where several topics did   the rounds. The sisters gave insight to their young high school counterparts on the   university life that awaits them, the career possibilities that they can pick from and general   advice on how to gracefully carry themselves through campus as Muslim ladies.

iii) I’tikaaf Sleep-over, Main Campus.

  • The first Friday of the Holy Month will Insha’Allah saw the Main Campus being the rendezvous for

 anball sister I’tikaaf sleep-over, and sisters from all campuses were cordially invited.



3. Tuesday Daawah Sessions.

  • Taking a leaf from the brothers, the ladies have embarked on a weekly Daawah session of theirown. Set at the ladies mosque, this weekly event will take place at 4 pm. Topics will be decided upon by the Daawah coordinators, and the medium of choice will be video cd’s and dvd’s. Sisters are highly encouraged to attend such sittings, since not only does it provide a platformfor social interaction, the benefits of such a program goes a long way. Knowledge is power, and what better way to end a Tuesday afternoon, right? Food for the soul. Ladies, it doesn’t get

better than that.

 We wish them success in their endeavor.


 4.  Rasul Al-Akram visit

  •  Brothers got an opportunity to visit the bright minds of Rasul Al-Akram High School for a get together    and  impart their advice on several issues, not limited to; life as a Muslim student in campus,    career options in colleges and the university, the modern societal changes and their challenges to      the Muslim youth, and the do’s and don’ts for a successful high school life.


5. Invitation to the Turkish Embassy.

  •    What an opportunity it was to be hosted by the Islamic Consulate of the Turkish Embassy.


6. MSAUN football league.

  • This was held for the brother where they were required to compete against other msaun chapters. The league   was  quite amazing as we  subdued others and emerged position one.


7. Visit to orphanage - Lower Kabete.


8. Fourth Years Leaving Ceremony

  •   It’s along lane that has no turning. We finally got to say goodbye to the 2009-2013 academic group in the School of Business. Maasalam  guys, and all the best in your endeavors.

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