Message from the President

Dennis Kobia: Greenhorn mentorship Program president 2013/2014

In the wake of the dynamic and competitive era in the globe, mentorship is a necessity to each and every individual whether a student, an entrepreneur or an employee. Mentorship is a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person, the mentor, helps a less experienced or less knowledgeable person (the mentee). In Greenhorn Mentorship Program we link students with mentors drawn a myriad of fields such as banking, insurance, auditing, finance and accounting, marketing, engineering, entrepreneurship, and the list is endless. However, contrary to most peoples` beliefs, at Greenhorn Mentorship Program we focus on holistic personal development. Thus, members of the program are encouraged to discuss matters inclusive of career/academics, health, relationships (both formal and informal), spirituality, financial health, fun, personal branding and life plan. My current mentor, a COO in a global corporation, highly regrets not having had a mentorship relationship while in the university. He strongly believes that he would have done much better in life, and it is for the same reason he joined and is highly committed to the program. As for me, the most exciting moments as the President of the program are the moments of successful mentorship relationships experienced by the members. My two mentorship relationships have been very successful; I got to learn why I do not achieve certain goals despite my tireless efforts, why time is the most valuable resource an individual will ever have, and the best part is that I am still learning new aspects of life with each mentorship meeting.

In conclusion, everyone needs a mentor, and you do not need to be in Greenhorn Mentorship Program to have one. However, in Greenhorn Mentorship Program we have a tested and highly functional structure. Thank you and God bless.

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