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P.U.P is an association to oversee peace in the university, shun goonism and drug abuse and advocates for active non- violence, dialogue, and other peaceful ways of conflict resolution.  We preach peace, love and unity. Whenever we resort to violence as a means of conflict resolution, then we are causing more harm than good. Humanity was never meant to live ill at ease with one another. We may rub each other the wrong way but peaceful negotiations and Conflict is after all a healthy part of any relationship we should therefore learn how to deal with it rather than avoid it. This is the role we seek to play in campus by fostering peace and holding workshops for conflict management. We also seek to hold our leaders in the institution to par for their role in the perpetration of violent acts. We invite all peace loving students to join us for a better today and tomorrow.

Kathleen Murrey – Chairperson

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