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University of Nairobi Seventh-Day Adventist Church Lower Kabete Campus is one of the campus churches under the overall University of Nairobi Seventh-Day Adventist Church, in Central Kenya Conference, East African Union, East-Central Africa Division and under the overall General Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church globally.

The other campus churches within the University of Nairobi are:

  • Kenya Science Campus Church
  • Kikuyu Campus Church
  • Upper Kabete Campus Church
  • Main Campus Church - (Main Campus, Chiromo Campus,Parklands Campus & Medical School)

The Lower Kabete Campus SDA Church enjoys a membership of over 100 members but has a regular Sabbath turn out of about 80 members. The church congregation is majorly composed of the following groups of members:

  • Regular Students – leaving within the campus.
  • Parallel Students – leaving outside the campus.
  • Associates (alumni) leaving around the campus.
  • Other members of the community in Lower Kabete.

The Lower Kabete Campus SDA church has the complete church structure of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church with all departments that are relevant and suitable to the campus church structure.

The following is the break-down of the structure:

  • Patrons
  • Elders Council
  • Church Board – (Made up of the departmental heads)
  • Departmental Council
  • Departmental committees
  • Special committees for specific projects or events



The church has two major objectives that it pursues in all its activities;

1. Evangelism.

2. Spiritual Nature.


In pursuant of the Spiritual Nurture objective, the church has four major meetings every week meant to nurture the spiritual growth of its members. They include:

  • Mid-week fellowship – Wednesday (6pm – 7pm).
  • Vespers – Friday (6pm – 8pm).
  • Sabbath Rest – Saturday (8:30am – 5pm).
  • Morning Devotions – Monday – Friday (6:30am – 7am).


Various departments in the church also hold other meetings within the week as follows:

  • Choir Practice meetings- Wednesday (4:30pm - 6pm) & Friday (5pm - 6pm)
  • Masterguide Classes – Sunday (11am – 1pm)
  • Bible Study Families meetings – Each group has its own day and time of meeting.


The University of Nairobi Seventh-Day Adventist Church Lower Kabete Campus is also committed to fulfilling the great commission given to the Adventist Church of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ as it is enshrined in the Holy Bible which is the inspired Word of God; and spreading the three angels message (Revelation 14:6-12) to the entire world in our generation. This is in pursuant of our church’s first major objective.

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