The talk presentation on Ethical financing to our undergraduate students by Dr. Atul K. Shah from India

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Fri, 2018-05-04 12:31


The talk presentation on Ethical financing to our undergraduate students by Dr.  Atul K. Shah from India on 30/04/2018 at lower Kabete campus school boardroom.

 Dr. Shah examined ethics and practical values of highly successful and moral business community in India. He analyses the values of the Jains and indicated clearly how they have contributed to economic successes. Jaine is the one of the oldest living religion in the world. Jainism community boasts one of the most successful and enduring business community today. The success of the Jainism is brought about by their values. Their values are Ahimsa (Non-Violence) when a community respects all living beings, its natural characteristics becomes humility and simplicity, allowing space and freedom for all to co- exist. The principle of Aparigraha which explains that possessiveness and materialism are the root causes of human bondage and prevent us from realizing true spiritual freedom and liberation. In fact greed is seen by Jains as a form of violence as its nature is exploitative. Anekant means the truth. This encourages Jain to be tolerance and respect and assimilate in different cultures. Tsteya and Satya encourages Jains to be truthful and honest in their actions and not steal what belong to others. Integrity and sincerity are critical to their conduct and character. Parasparopagraho Jivanam mean that Jains have high sense of mutuality as they operate as close family and this restrains their greed and selfishness.

Saiyam or self-discipline and self-control is very important and is a key ingredient of successful leadership.Tapas, or restraint in eating is also a critical virtue. The aim of this it is to control greed and hunger and also purify the soul for liberation. These values are reinforced daily through religious practices like Pooja, Samaik and meditation. Jains believe that they are merely passengers on this planet and should endeavor minimize harm and maximize good. Therefore business is always a mean and never an end. Profit is not the overriding as quality service, displine and work man ship are vitally important. The talk demonstrated that such communities succeed because of their beliefs and cohesiveness and there is individual and collective conscience that regulates their behavior. Modern literature on corporate social responsibility, sustainability and Fairtrade could learn from such cultures and communities who have stood the test of time and geography. Values like trust, relationships, human capital and employee morale, service and loyalty, have long been recognized as vitally necessary to business success and longevity.

This talk presentation was coordinated by Dr. Margaret Muthoni Kariuki, International links and Student Exchange Program Coordinator and Prof Ndemo Chairman, Department of Business Administration.

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Fri, 2021-12-31 12:31

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