Degree Code:D33
Degree Type:BACHELOR
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Level : 1
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CCS001 Communication Skills45View Description
DAC101 Foundations Of Accounting I60View Description
DAC102 Foundations Of Accounting 1160View Description
DBA101 Introduction To Business60View Description
DBA103 Introduction To Micro-economics60View Description
DMS101 Management Maths I60View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CCS002 Fundamentals Of Development & Its Applications To Kenya45View Description
CCS006 Chemistry And Its Applications45View Description
CCS007 Science And Technology In Development45View Description
CCS010 Hiv And Aids Instructions45View Description
DAC102 Foundations Of Accounting Ii60View Description
DBA102 Principles Of Management60View Description
DBA104 Introduction To Macro-economics60View Description
DMS102 Management Mathematics Ii60View Description
DMS104 Fundamentals Of Computer Systems60View Description
DSM102 Fundamentals Of Management45View Description
Level : 2
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
DAC201 Accounting For Assets60View Description
DAC201 Accounting For Assets60View Description
DAC203 Intrduction To Management Accounting60View Description
DAC203 Introduction To Management Accounting60View Description
DBA201 Micro-economic Theory60View Description
DBA203 Organizational Theory60View Description
DIN201 Introduction To Risk And Insurance60View Description
DIN213 Elements Of Risk And Insurance60View Description
DMS201 Business Statistics I60View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
DAC 203 Introducation To Management Accoutning60View Description
DAC202 Accounting For Equities60View Description
DAC202 Accounting For Equities60View Description
DBA202 Macro-economic Theory60View Description
DF1 202 Introduction To Finance60View Description
DFI201 Introduction To Finance60View Description
DFI202 Introduction To Finance60View Description
DIN202 Risk Management60View Description
DMA203 Principles Of Marketing45View Description
DMS202 Operations Research I60View Description
Level : 3
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
DAC301 Advanced Financial Accounting Techniques60View Description
DBA301 Business Law I60View Description
DBA303 Organizational Behaviour60View Description
DFI301 Monetary Theory And Practice60View Description
DFI303 Financial Institutions And Markets60View Description
DFI305 Corporate Finance60View Description
DHR301 Management Of Human Resources60View Description
DHR303 Human Resource Training60View Description
DIN301 Pension I60View Description
DMA301 Marketing Strategy And Plans60View Description
DMA303 International Marketing60View Description
DMS301 Computer Programming I60View Description
DMS303 Business Statistics Ii60View Description
DMS305 Electronic Data Processing60View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
DAC302 Advanced Financial Accounting Practice60View Description
DAC304 Advanced Management Accounting60View Description
DAC310 Public Sector Accounting60View Description
DAC312 Contemparary Issues In Auditing60View Description
DBA302 Business Law Ii60View Description
DBA304 Principles Of Co-operative Management60View Description
DBA305 Management Of Human Resources60View Description
DBA306 International Business Management60View Description
DBA308 Public Management60View Description
DBA309 Advanced Micro-economic Theory60View Description
DBA310 Advanced Macro-economic Theory60View Description
DBA312 Agricultural Marketing60View Description
DFI302 Management Of Financial Institutions60View Description
DFI306 Public Finance60View Description
DFI403 Investment Analysis And Portfolio Management60View Description
DHR302 Industrial Relations Management60View Description
DHR304 Maintenance Of Human Resources60View Description
DHR306 Introduction To Public Relations60View Description
DIN302 Property Insurance I60View Description
DIN304 Introduction To Insurance Law60View Description
DIN306 Assurance Of The Person I60View Description
DIN308 Demographic Statistics60View Description
DMA302 Consumer Behaviour60View Description
DMA304 Marketing Communications60View Description
DMA304 Marketing Of Services60View Description
DMA314 Marketing Of Services60View Description
DMS302 Operations Research Ii60View Description
DMS304 Information Systems Development60View Description
DMS306 Computer Programming Ii60View Description
Level : 4
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
DAC401 Principles Of Auditing60View Description
DAC403 Tax Laws And Practice60View Description
DAC405 Trust And Executorship Accounting60View Description
DAC410 Public Sector Accounting60View Description
DAC412 Contemporary Issues In Auditing60View Description
DAC414 Contemporary Issues In Financial Accounting60View Description
DBA401 Strategic Management60View Description
DBA403 Enterpreneurship60View Description
DBA411 Banking Practice60View Description
DFI304 International Finance60View Description
DFI401 Financial Statement Analysis60View Description
DFI407 Real Estate Finance60View Description
DHR401 Compensation Management60View Description
DHR402 Strategic Human Resources Management60View Description
DHR403 Issues In Management Of Human Resource60View Description
DHR405 Issues In Management Of Human Resources60View Description
DIN401 Liability Insurance I60View Description
DIN403 Actuarial Mathematics I60View Description
DIN405 Motor Insurance60View Description
DMA401 Marketing Research60View Description
DMA408 Industrial Marketing60View Description
DMA410 Channels Management60View Description
DMS401 Research Methods60View Description
DMS403 Operations Management60View Description
DMS405 Data Communications60View Description
DMS407 Heuristics And Simulation60View Description
DMS409 Materials Management60View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
DAC402 Financial Auditing Practice And Investigations60View Description
DAC404 Management Research Paper60View Description
DAC406 Contemporary Issues In Management Accounting60View Description
DAC407 International Accounting60View Description
DAC408 Tax Management60View Description
DBA402 Issues In Strategic Management60View Description
DBA404 Management Research Paper60View Description
DBA405 Issues In Management Of Human Resources60View Description
DBA406 Labour Law60View Description
DBA407 Labour Relations60View Description
DBA408 Small Business Management60View Description
DBA409 Development Economics60View Description
DBA412 Banking Law60View Description
DBA413 International Economics60View Description
DBA414 Company Law60View Description
DBA415 Merchantile Law60View Description
DBA416 Business And Society60View Description
DFI402 Financial Management In The Public Sector60View Description
DFI404 Management Research Paper60View Description
DFI405 Development Finance60View Description
DFI406 Corporate Financial Policy60View Description
DFI408 Financial Operation Of Insurance Companies60View Description
DFI409 Financial Modeling And Forecasting60View Description
DFI410 Bankruptcy And Reorganizations60View Description
DFI412 Regulations And Innovations In Financial Markets60View Description
DFI414 Contemporary Issues In Financial Management60View Description
DFI416 Investment Banking60View Description
DFI418 Marketing Of Financial Services60View Description
DHR404 Management Research Paper60View Description
DHR406 Labour Law60View Description
DHR407 Occupational Health And Safety60View Description
DHR408 Performance Management60View Description
DIN402 Assurance Of The Person Ii60View Description
DIN404 Management Research Paper60View Description
DIN406 Liability Insurance Ii60View Description
DIN407 Insurance Markets60View Description
DIN408 Pension Ii60View Description
DIN410 Marine Insurance60View Description
DIN412 Reinsurance60View Description
DIN414 Property Insurance Ii60View Description
DBA 202 Advanced Actuarial Science60View Description
DMA 202 Insurance Brokerage60View Description
DMA402 Applications Of Marketing Research60View Description
DMA406 Management Research Paper60View Description
DMA410 Channel Management60View Description
DMA408 Agriculutural Marketing60View Description
DMA412 Brand Management60View Description
DMS402 Project Management60View Description
DMS404 Management Research Paper60View Description
DMS406 Advanced Business Statistics60View Description
DMS408 Managing Informatics60View Description
DMS410 Non Parametric Statistics60View Description
DMS412 Total Quality Management60View Description

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