SoB Frequently Asked Questions


What are the office hours for School of Business, Lower Kabete Campus?

Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Studying at University of Nairobi SoB.

During Covid-19 pandemic, can I continue with my studies?

Yes. Teaching and supervision is being done online

In the event that I am not able to complete by studies within 5 years, what happens?

Apply for extension through the Chairman of department and Dean, School of Business to the Director, Graduate School

What happens if I do not finish my masters’ studies within 2 years?

The maximum period is 5 years. However, in case you want to defer the semester, you should write a letter to the Director,Graduate School, through the Dean, School of Business


What time period is allowed to go to the field and submit the final thesis for examination?

After 4 semesters, from the time you were registered as a doctoral PhD student by the Graduate School.

After completing my coursework before payment of thesis supervision fees, can I apply for proposal supervisor allocation?

No. The thesis supervision fees should be paid before you request for thesis supervisor allocation

Can I combine course work and project?

No. You are supposed to first complete the part one (coursework) then proceed to part two which is the project

What happens if I fail an exam?

You are given a chance to repeat the unit or take a supplementary exam. In this case, you will only do the final exam.

Suppose I am unable to sit for the main exam. What should I do?

If you had completed the coursework for the course unit, you
should request for special exam through student portal. You
can do exam in the following semester so long as the course
unit is offered or when next the course is offered

Fees and Funding

What are the yearly supervision fees?

The yearly thesis supervision fees is Ksh.169,000. The fees is calculated on pro rata basis, that is, the amount covers one year 12 months starting from the month the money was paid.