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Lower Kabete Campus

P.O Box 30197 - 00100GPO
Lower Kabete Campus-Lower Kabete Road
Tel: +254 020 2585841-6/254 20 2059163/0735704065/ 0729396808/VOIP +254 02 4918200


Corruption Reporting Hotline

0724200311 or 0701529130

Satelite Campuses

Besides the Lower Kabete Campus, the school has its programs running at Main CampusAmbank House and Chiromo Campus within the city of Nairobi.

The school also has two satellite campuses, one in the town of Mombasa at Uni Plaza off Moi Avenue and another in the town of Kisumu at Mega City Plaza along Ondiek Highway. All programs offered at the School of Business are available both in Mombasa and Kisumu.

Mombasa Contacts
Call Jackson Maalu (coordinator overall) on +254(020) 2397524

Kisumu Contacts
Call Alex Jaleha on +254 720 348080

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