The study investigated the challenges of strategy implementation in Ecobank Kenya Ltd.
The research design employed was case study employing open ended questionnaires that
captured in-depth responses. The data was collected from the top and middle
management. The collected data was summarized according to the concepts and themes
to allow for content analyses of the data through collation and thematic analysis. Despite
the availability of well crafted strategies at Ecobank Ltd, the level of implementation is
still lower and thus far off achieving the intended targets amidst the fluid business
environment that has been extremely turbulent and competitive. Strategy implementation
has been impeded by the ownership structure that has made decision making a complex
bureaucratic process, challenges in government policy in terms of local share
capitalization, problems of harmonizing multinational policies with domestic regulations
and longer communication channels. The study established that successful
implementation requires that the strategy, the organization, the people and their
relationships, the systems and the measures all must be aligned and made to work
towards a common goal. Effective leadership is required at all levels of the
implementation process for decision-making, guidance, support and motivation of people
involved in implementation. Ecobank Kenya needs to assess the factors which contribute
towards effective leadership in implementation process. Employees’ commitment has
been rated as a very important factor in effective strategy implementation by managers.
The strategic factors reflecting employees’ commitment and their importance have been
portrayed. However, each factor identified in this study needs further detailed
examination for exploring various dimensions of its relationship with the implementation
process. Strategy implementation assumes great significance and therefore should
command an increased amount of attention of researchers in the banking field

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