Former Mossad Secret Agent and now a business man Prof. Dr. Guy Katz, opined that there are many lessons which business students and business people can draw from the Secret Service and Intelligence Services to the delight of students. The event happened today March 2, 2023 at the New Lecture Theatre.


“We can perform better if we are smarter than others. The more smart people you have in your term, the better you can perform,” he said, urging students to be very smart to succeed in business.

He also outlined 10 commandments of Human Intelligence that is very critical to the success of business. Key among them is having personal skills, courage, networking with others and having the backing of family support.

“Without family, you cant succeed,” he said.

As a business person, the first impression matters, you need a broad smile. Create lasting impression and learn to listen. “ Don’t talk, instead ask questions,” he equipped.

Establish trust with your business clients or associates. In the Security Sector, they use a lie detector to ensure that you don’t lie, in business, you need to establish trust and constantly test each other.

Experience and gut feelings is important in business and in the life of Secret Agents. Quoting Outliers Malcolm Gradwel, “You become good by doing something for 10,000 hours”, he said. He urged students to put in the work to ensure they succeed in life.

New business start-ups are fond of overpromising in order to attract clients. Prof. Guy Katz, opined that overpromising and under-delivering often kill trust.

In Mossad, they learn’t the art of releasing an agent. When all is said and done, the agent must be released. You have to let go employees when the work is done. He stated that in the Military and Secret Service, there is a department that caters for retired security offers. He observed that in business, keeping in constant communication with employees is key.

Prof. James Njia, Dean, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences urged students to take their time and learn about the history of Israel. They have undergone tough times and have emerged victorious. In terms of business start-ups, they are leading technology innovation and business students have a lot to learn from them.