University Researchers have been challenged to reach out to the community with the outputs of their research outcomes.

 Speaking during the weeklong event, Fredrick Ndambuki, representing the Ministry of Education emphasized that research remains key in our institutions of higher learning.  He pointed out that the  Government has committed 749 Million shillings to Research. “I commend UoN for research week. It must a platform to show research and celebration and recognition of researchers in the role they play in the growth and development of our country,” he said.

The theme of the event was harnessing research for sustainable communities”.

He opined that rresearch innovation and enterprise is the engine behind innovation, housing, healthcare, jobs creation, promising to uplift the life of many Kenyans.  

“By translatingg academic research into economic agenda, we are charting a course for Kenya to  thrive,” he said. He challenged the academic community to create strong linkage with industry and community and share knowledge.   

Dr. Catherine Kiyabutungi, representing African Population Council challenged the researchers to spend more time in doing things that matter and to share their knowledge with the community.  

University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama reminded the Ministry of Education of the need to provide funding to research, the 2% of GDP as was envisaged in the constitution.  “ We get 300 million instead of 300 billion,” he said.

He pointed out that research cuts through all sectors, security, health, technology. He observed that we need research to avoid importing everything