The University of Nairobi has established itself as a "Home of Talents," and continues to provide avenues for students to showcase their unique abilities and talents as well as engage with industry experts for mentorship and inspiration. On Tuesday, November 15, 2022, a team of renowned authors and life coaches from the Top Talent Agency from the United States of America visited the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences for a mentorship session with the students.

Mr. David T. Fagan, President of Top Talent Agency, Isabel Fagan, Mas Sajady, Jim Poole, Moirar Leveille, Terry Brennan, Jennifer J. Mahoney, Caramie Ann, Ruth Barclay, Michelle McClain, and Dominic Obadiah were among the prominent speakers. The team is on a weeklong visit to Kenya and plans to visit various institutions to inspire people to live happier lives. To find out more about the presenters: HERE

The speakers made a strong appeal to the students to take charge of their lives build on their inherent skills and lead happy lives. Additionally, the speakers advised the students to seek out mentors who could offer them great advice as they navigate through life. Students were encouraged to seek out platforms that expose them to resources for continuous growth. Mr. Fagan also emphasized the necessity for students to be self-reliant as well as be ready to seize opportunities that will lead to tremendous success.

The Session was organized by the UNSA leaders at the Faculty.