Tears flowed freely, emotions run high, the somber mood engulfed Lower Kabete Campus, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences as the University of Nairobi community comprising of staff and students bid farewell to Dr. Joseph Odhiambo Owino a mass presided over by Father Peter Kaigua, University Chaplain. The mass was held at the New Lecture Theater on November, 10, 2023. 


Prof. James Njihia, the Dean of Faculty of Business and Management Science led the academia in mourning the young academic icon whom he described as “very focused, very responsible young man”. He continued further, “I was in the interview panel, when he was employed.  He came and impressed us with his experience from the private sector.  He was a self-starter. He was not used to complaining, but would offer solutions to the problems at hand and would give opportunities to students to travel around the world,” he said.

He encouraged the family to be courageous in grief. “Courage is not having the strength to go on, its going on when you don’t have the strength, “ he said as he conveyed his condolence message from the University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama, who was generous in providing a 62 bus to ferry mourners to Siaya and back to Nairobi.

At the time of his death, Dr. Joseph Odhiambo Owino was acting as Chair of Department of Business Administration. He was acting on behalf of Prof. Florence Muindi,  who was on leave.  Prof. Muindi eulogized him as a very hard working young man and very loyal. “He was an expert in Marketing. He wanted the Marketing Curriculum reviewed for both Masters and Bachelors programs, “ she said.


Having graduated with a Doctorate in Business Administration in 2014, Prof. Muindi observed that Dr. Owino did a lot of research and travelled most often and produced a lot of research and publications.  

Associate Dean, Prof. Joshua Wanjare, described him as accomplished Scholar and very fine   


Prof. Zachary Bolo Awino noted that Dr. Owino had a unique persona. “He was polite, easy to work with, a handsome guy from his looks. We had opportunities to do research together. We visited Europe together,” he said. He appealed to the clergy to pray with the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences as they have been losing staff and students.  


Dr. Winnie Njeru, a colleague and also a neighbor in Buruburu described in great details the shock that she went through when she discovered that Dr. Owino was no more. “Together with Dr. Owino, we are children of Prof. Kibera, who taught us Marketing,” she said. She continued further to describe Dr. Owino as an asset in the marketing thematic area. “ He was an asset to the Marketing Thematic Area, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences.  He opened many doors for many students, to travel and present their research papers. As a colleague in Marketing, we shall miss him much, “ she said.

The family described him as a loving father, husband and a great mentor.  They have lost a pillar. Dr. Owino will be buried on November 25th, 2023 in  Siaya, Ugenya, Sega Village. He has left behind six children.