The faculty in its efforts towards service delivery excellence through continuous improvement is launching the University of Nairobi Helpdesk System initially as a pilot
project to help manage and track service enquiries. The UoN Helpdesk System is designed to receive, track and keep all necessary persons informed of the query status
until it is resolved.

Enclosed is a list of emails for various services for your use. Direct your queries as indicated on the correct helpdesk email address using your UoN email address. Attach
any documents such as filled forms for “missing marks” to your email. You will receive a response with a tracking number for your follow up until the issue is resolved.
This communication is to inform you and to request that you provide full support to this pilot phase and later in full rollout with a view to improving in our service delivery.
The system shall be rolled out from Monday, February 19th 2024.

See the various emails for enquiries below.