The 7th DBA Africa Management Review Annual International Conference held on Monday, 24th October 2022  was one of 14 conferences featured in the 5th Edition of the University of Nairobi Research Week that ran from 24th -28th of October 2022. The theme for this conference was ‘’Emerging Research and Technology for Sustainable Development in Society’’.

The one-day conference revolved around key thematic areas in business and management disciples which are; Strategic Change Management and Sustainable Development, Governance for Sustainable Development, Marketing Sustainable Development in Society, Human Resource and Sustainable Development, and Digital Transformation and adoption of Technology for Sustainable Development.

The business expertise present during the conference sharpened the participants who attended the conference. Keynote speakers and paper presenters tackled the major challenges facing business growth such as financing for sustainable development and came up with sustainable solutions and advised members on how they can sustain their business goals and introduced them to new ways of thinking, challenging their limiting assumptions.

Key speakers for this conference were; Dr. Robert M. Karanja, Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer – Villgro Africa Chairman, Board of Directors – Assek, Prof. Stefan Ouma Chair of Economic Geography Department of Geography Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences University of Bayreuth-Federal Republic of German and Prof. Yi Yang Associate Dean – Graduate Studies and Strategic Initiatives, Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Innovation; Chair of the Department of Marketing Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Umass Lowell Manning School of Business - USA; and, Co-director of the Jack Wilson Center for Entrepreneurship.

Prof. Stefan Ouma’s presentation outlined socio-theoretically and empirically informed economic geographic globalization and development research, which is primarily based on insights from socio-economic, political-economic, political-ecological, and practical-theoretical research approaches. Prof. Stefan Ouma had his overarching research concern as rematerializing the economy in times of seemingly unlimited economic relationships and thus opening it up for political debates about the sustainable design of the society-economy-nature nexus from a spatial perspective.

Prof. Yi Yang’s address covered corporate venturing and entrepreneurship, organizational learning, technology management, the decision-making process, DEA application in strategic management and entrepreneurship, and sustainability issues.

The 7th DBA conference was convened by Dr. Kennedy Ogollah and also present during the conference were the Chairman of the Department of Business Administration Dr. Florence Muindi, other committee members Dr Mercy Munjuri, Dr Winnie Njeru and Dr Ben Mkalama as well as other academic members of staff from the Faculty of Business Administration.

The papers presented will be published in the DBA-AMR Journal.