First Years, Class of 2023 were in a good mood today at they interacted with University Management and Student Leaders at the New Lecture Theater on September, 27, 2023.


Speaking during the orientation program, Prof. James Njihia, Dean, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, observed that the Faculty has 80 Full time lecturers and 20 Part-time lecturers ready to serve the students.  He also cautioned them about making the wrong choices, as “Choices have consequences”, he said. “Focus. Get your degree.  Avoid alcohol and drug abuse as they will derail your academic progress,” he observed.

To those thinking of graduating and getting jobs, he challenged students to think about building  enterprises, businesses. On the issue of alcohol and drug abuse, “I expel students who have abused drugs and failed in their academics”, he warned.

Prof. Florence Muindi, Chair Department of Business Administration told students that “Intelligence is not enough, in life you needs life skills, emotional intelligence ( self awareness, social awareness, self regulation).  Focus on something that gives you positive energy. Avoid negative energy,” she quipped.

On his part, Prof. Cyrus Iraya, Chairman, Department of Finance and Accounting told students of the career options available for them. “We prepare you to have a career in banking, investment management, fund management, corporate accountants, audits, tax management, government finance management,” he said. He also added that he wants students to be entrepreneurial. He challenged them as well to join professional organizations like, SOBO,  FISA saying that students has gotten jobs through those associations.  

Student Leader, Alphonce Kokombo congratulated students for joining the best university south of Sahara desert and north of River Limpopo. “Your future to become a top entrepreneur, top CEO, top businessman, the opportunity is now”, he said.

As the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, we welcome First Years.