Students from the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, University of Nairobi, got an opportunity to learn about sexual and reproductive health from African King of Condoms, Mr. Stanley Ngara.  


Speaking to First Years, Mr. Ngara who is well known as African King of Condoms observed that students need to use their freedom to protect their kingdom and wisdom to ensure that they realize their vision.

King of Condoms, Stanley Ngara shared his experience with students. He revealed that HIV AIDS is about 40 Years. He has been educating people across the globe. He has travelled in many countries talking to students about the dangers of unsafe sexual practices.  “We have about 500,000 abortions yearly.  Men, dont rush into relationships. People outside here are very sick, they have sexual transmitted diseases,” he said. 

He outlined about five rules that new students should abide by, these being : Never kiss, never take FREE things like sodas, chewing gums when invited to parties, never give anybody your phone to call, never ask anybody direction, except police, city council askaris and lastly, never chat people using your phone in a matatu as some canny Kenyans can be overlooking over your shoulder.

“Its your responsibility to carry condoms. It is your responsibility to protect your health” he warned students. He shared practically usage of both male and female condoms and also warned female students against over using emergency pills to avoid pregnancy.  

Earlier on, Ms. Pamela Ochieng' from MarrieStops Kenya outlined the various services offered by the health facility. These being general consultation services, family planning services where they offer  circumcision to men and provide both male and female condoms. They also offer ultra sound , laboratory services,  cervical cancer screening, pregnancy crisis counselling.

The event was organized by  office of the Dean of Students, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences.