First Years, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, University of Nairobi have been sensitized on the need to start preparing early for the job market. The sensitization was done by the Office of the Career Services led by Mr. Johnson Kinyua.

Speaking during the event, Mr. Kinyua observed that the Faculty of Business has produced many Chief Executive Officers, CEOs, currently running business corporations in Kenya and around the world. Some of them include Dr. James Mwangi, Equity Bank CEO and Managing Director, Isaac Awuondo, Chairman and CEO, NCBA Bank  among others.

“Our purpose is to make you market ready and globally competitive. The future belongs to those who prepare for it. You are being prepared for global markets like America, France, Germany, Israel, Canada among others,” he said.

He said that students need 3Ds, Discovery of their talents, Develop passion of their talents or skills,   Deploy their talents in the market place. To increase their marketability, the students were encouraged to learn a foreign language like French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic among others. They were also urged to get a driving license. The icing on the cake in the arsenal of skills, students were urged to get digital skills.

Several industry CEOs and Business Start Up Founders in the event urged students to build networks while in campus. They were also told to learn leadership skills and get mentors.

Mr. Livingstone Makori, Founder, Corporate Career Academy stressed the importance of student joining professional clubs while in campus to develop their leadership skills and communication skills. “Learn to deal with problems and learn to deal with people”, he said.

Steve Muchiri, Career Coach and Entrepreneur, Africa Transition Hub, told students to avoid peer pressure and comparing themselves with others. “Your five fingers are not the same. If they are the same, you would be considered abnormal”, he equipped.

First Year students were urged to plug into the activities of Career Services Office and learn entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills and communication skills. Those skills are very essential as they prepare to join the job market in some three or four years’ time.