The newly appointed Chancellor, challenged the academia to work together and explore research and funding opportunities and seeking international collaborations. 


The University of Nairobi Chancellor, Prof. Patrick Verkooijen, outlined his ambition ; to help the University of Nairobi become the best in the African continent. His roles will include ; smart resource mobilization since little money will be coming from the government, work with international partners to create entreprenuership centers for connecting the University to the global ecosystem. "My offering is be a connector to global stage. If we believe in life long learning, we can harness the top partnerships  of this business school," he said. 

The Chancellor mentioned that himself together with the Vice Chancellor and Student Leader will be travelling to the United States of American to seek partnerships.  

He challenged the academia to 'exploit the Chancellor'. Work together in seeking in seeking international partnerships and collaborations.  

Prof. Joshua Wanjare, Associate Dean, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences outlined some of the achievements of the Faculty. The achievements being ; high research publications due to high PhDs produced, promotion of enterprise, incubators, SMES, green business school established and having international partnerships.

Student Leaders asked the Chancellor to work on infrastructure developments in Campus, work on establishment of more exchange programs and working to improve the campus experience of those students who are abled differently.  

The Chancellor was accompanied by the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellors and Directors of Departments from the Central Administration.