UNSA Elections

In line with the University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA) Constitution the University of Nairobi conducted the UNSA elections on Friday, March 25, 2022, across all Faculties.  Students voted using the Eballot platform, this online platform allowed students to cast their vote from anywhere in the country. The pools opened at 8 am and closed at 5pm.

On Saturday, March 26, 2022, the University held a swearing-in ceremony to announce the newly elected student leaders. Team Ojwando won the election and was sworn in to represent the student body at the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences.

The following students will form the students Association:

1. Felix Ojwando -Chairperson (3rd year, B.com)
2. Ebby Syombua-Vice Chair (3rd year, B.com)
3. James Mwamtsi-Sec Gen (3rd year, B.com)
4. Anne Njoroge-Treasurer (3rd year, B.com) 
5. Alex Wambura-Sports and Welfare (2nd year, B.com)
6. Tabitha Maker-International representative (3rd year, B.com)

The team was sworn in during a colorful event held at Taifa Hall and officiated by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama. Also in attendance were; The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Prof. Ogeng’o, the COO, Mr. Brian Ouma and the Dean of Students, Mr. Kinyua Johnson, and the Independent Electoral Commission, IEC 2022 Chair, Prof. Collins Odote.

Functions of the Faculty and Campus Association

The general functions of the Association shall be:

(a) To promote the welfare of the students of that Faculty and Campus

 (b) To promote the academic welfare of students of that Faculty and Campus

(c) To develop and encourage worthy traditions of academic life on the Faculty and Campus (d) To establish co-operation with such other Students’ Association within the University as may be recognized by Senate and Council.

 (e) To determine the manner and form in which professional academic associations of students are to be represented in the Association.

The functions of officials of Faculties and Campus Associations shall mirror and reflect structure of the Student Council

Congratulations to the winning team.

Watch the swearing-in ceremony HERE


 Team Ojwando profile:

Team O

Driven by the spirit of comradeship and nobility in the entire UNSA history, we are here to make a lasting impact on the lives of fellow comrades. As such, given the chance to serve, our five core driving factors as far as agenda is concerned is as follows;

✓We assure comrades of bringing to an end the issue of MISSING MARKS with our remedy to this being a push for timely release of examination results.

✓We will push for a reduction in food prices to comrade friendly prices through various means available within our reach eg subsidisation and mutual agreement between us and eatery owners and also in liason with SOBO leadership.
✓In liason with SOBO leadership, we will push for the opening of other essential points crucial to service provision to comrades eg MSA, COMRADES etc.
✓We will ensure that the various types of games available within LKC are provided with the necessary equipment eg training kits and jerseys plus ensure their total involvement in both external and internal tournaments and friendlies. Not forgetting the current state of our basketball pitch.
✓The current demand by MODULE 2s for the return of trimester as it was before is also within our timeline and we promise to push for that.

✓In our tenure, we would ensure an equal and just allocation and distribution of UNSA bursary to the most deserving comrades without favor or bias.

✓We will push for a system where through the available and the created links within our tenure and also in liason with professional bodies eg ASA and FISA to the corporate world, we would provide internship opportunities to all students who qualify for the same.
✓In liason with professional bodies that is ASA,FISA,MSA etc, we would provide an avenue where students are able to interract with employees and owners of various organisations through corporate talks and conferences within school. 

✓ We will push for a system where priority of getting rooms is given to students of this campus which is not the case currently and also ensure this is done at the most economical cost to comrades.

Best Regards,
Omondi Felix Ojwando 
Governor, Lower Kabete Campus