"As we launch this foundation, we seek your blessings now and unfolding into the future. May this initiative grow like the mustard seed of the gospel that grows into a big tree, may this launch be the planting of that seed, we plant it, and you grow it. We pray that the Foundation be a blessing to many." - Father Kaigua - Catholic Chaplain University of Nairobi

On Thursday, 30th June 2022 the University of Nairobi (UoN) officially launched the University of Nairobi Foundation. The UoN Foundation is anchored on three main strategies: effective management of Alumni Relations, Endowment management and Asset commercialization (i.e. intellectual and physical property). The Foundation will be used to manage gifts, funds, and the larger establishment and implementation of the   endowment fund, thus providing other support in furtherance of the Institution’s mission. Click HERE to watch official launch ceremony.

 The guest speaker at the Event; Dr. Rosemary spoke at length about the impact the Foundation will have in the short term, mid and long term saying “The foundation will have impact regionally, nationally, at the county level as well as internationally. Through the foundation we will generate philanthropy support for students and faculty research academic professional programmes, engage alumni and build partnerships with business to drive workforce as well as support innovation discovery and ideas that will bring transformative changes in the community.”

Prof. Margaret Kobia endorsed the Foundation saying “the Trustees are committed to do whatever it takes for the University of Nairobi to remain the University of today and a university of the future. The University has come of age, the foundation is the best idea for the University in its pursuit of excellence. Our humble appeal to you all is to make the University of Nairobi great, we all want the university to prosper and create impact.”

The Vice Chancellor; Prof Stephen Kiama spoke about the critical role the University continues to play as the heart beat and brain of this country and the world stating “ The Foundation that we launch today, should be the panacea to the problems riding on the promise of better days ahead. The foundation offers both the community and the academy an unrivalled opportunity to forge a better alliance aimed at improving the relevance both constituents to each other. It will also provide the community, and the university’s convocation by extension, the leverage to engage with the university more directly.”

The Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Brian Ouma gave a detailed background of the necessary steps the University has taken to establish the Foundation. The process began with the establishment of the Directorate of Advancement and institutional development to engage government, alumni and multi-lateral partners towards harnessing of greater resources for the University. The University invested in the training of 6 personnel in matters peculiar to the foundation at the King Baudouin Foundation- USA. “I assure you, the University has undertaken the necessary preparations for engagement with the foundation that we launch today. “We aspire for the foundation to be funded in part by an endowment fund as a perpetual source of support for the University” he concluded.

Chancellor Prof. Vijoo Rattansi: “ I thank you all for heeding our call, associating our cause and giving to the cause. There is no greater joy than the joy of giving; as you give without remembering so shall you receive without forgetting- Dr. Vijoo Rattansi.

The Board of Trustees

 Dr. Vijoo Rattansi (Chairperson), Prof. Stephen Kiama (Secretary), Dr.Narendra Raval Guru (Member) , Prof. Margret Kobia (Member) , Joseph Wakaba Mucheru, (Member) , Agnes Odhiambo (Member) , Mourice Makoloo (member) and Senior Counsel Fred Ngatia (Member)