Top Talent Agency student mentorship session

The University of Nairobi has established itself as a "Home of Talents," and continues to provide avenues for students to showcase their unique abilities and talents as well as engage with industry experts for mentorship and inspiration. On Tuesday, November 15, 2022, a team of renowned authors and life coaches from the Top Talent Agency from the United States of America visited the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences for a mentorship session with the students.

Notice to Students - Registration of October 2022-January 2023 Semester

This is to remind all active students in the October 2022-January, 2023 semester to register for their respective units in order to access the ongoing online classes. The course registration deadline for this semester will be November 6, 2022 i.e.(end of week 5). We appreciate all the students who have already finalized the registration process for courses and examinations.